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This website is managed by “Silvio Viel”.
During the surfing of the website by the user, Silvio Viel can gather the concerning personal data, both directly (in the case it’s request to the user to give his data) and idirectly. Silvio Viel will treat in any case the user’s personal data in full compliance with what declared in this Privacy Policy and he goes bail to protect the confidential nature of the gathered personal information. This Privacy Policy illustrates the aims of the personal data’s tratment by Silvio Viel in respect of the treated treatments on or by the website, the use of cookies and the ways of the rights resulting of the user about his personal data.

Purpose of processing
Silvio Viel gathers and treats the personal data of the clients and website users to put in place his activities and deals, to make available information, products and services that may be interesting and for purpose of statistic return in respect of the use of the website. The information given by the user will be use to contact him when it is necessary, for example to inform him abot modifications in the website’s functionalities or to communicate him service offerings (with the consent) that may be of interest. The finalities and the methods for the personal data though this website or in other ways will be anyway in line with those set up Legislative Decree 30. June 2003, nr. 196 (Privacy Code), the full text, included the rights of the data subject envisajed by the Article 7 – may be find at www.garanteprivacy.it

Sensitive data
Silvio Viel doesen’t ask neither gather through this website sensitive personal data (for example the information deemed necessary to reveal the racial or ethnic origin, the political, philosofical or religious conviction, the sexual habits or the sanitary data). If not, the prior written consent or equivalent will be request to the user.

Silvio Viel may gather, treat and analyze informations relating to the use of this website, including Internet Domain Names, numbers of check-ins, page views, previous or subsequent visited websites and length of the linking sessions. This information may ben gathered trough the use of cookies. A cookie is a text file that resides in the user’s hard drive, where it has been sent through the website of our server. In every moment the user can choose to activate or defuse the cookies changing the settings of one’s own browser. Usually, the use of cookies makes the surfing in the website faster and easier.

Third-party websites
We inform the user that this Privacy Policy doesn’t include the reserve Privacy Policies adopted by third-party websites to whom this website may be linked.

Exercise of the user’s rights

How to contact Silvio Viel
If the users is a consumer of the services offered by Silvio Viel, the treatment of the personal data for commercial and marketing purpose will be based on the acquisition of the quotation and specific permission.
If the user is a professional and he doesn’t want to recieve any advertisement by Silvio Viel, in that case he can contact us at the adress: Vigonovo di Fontanafredda (PN) Via Brigata Osoppo, 210 Ph. +39.0434599037 Fax. +39.0434568715 e-mail: info@silvioviel.it
In case of any question or request about this Privacy Policy, our tratement of personal data or the user’s navigation on this website, Silvio Viel may be contacted.

Silvio Viel reserves the right to change in whole or in part and at every moment this Privacy Policy. Please see from time to time the current version to check potential changes.